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*Model and size info in description below.

Sizing Charts
Online shopping isn't easy, but we're here to help as best we can. Most of our stuff is oversized, keep that in mind if you want a slightly more 'normal' fit.
We recommend taking a minute to grab your favourite fitting T-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt or sweatpants and measure them compared to the dimensions below to find the nearest match. 
If you'd like any more help, please ask. It'd give us something to do! 
Thanks for checking us out and supporting a load of Irish businesses along the way. 
Hoodie Size Chart
Sweatshirt Size Chart
Long Sleeve T-Shirt Size Chart
Oversized Heavyweight T-Shirt Size Chart
Sweatpants Size Chart
Color:Faded Black
Hoodie Sale price€85,00 EUR